Taste of the Tropics

The most luxuriously smooth macadamia nut butter – Made in Hawaii.

  • The Creation

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  • A Review

    "I must admit I was nervous about buying something and having it shipped to me from so far away, but everything came in tact! The nut butters were so smooth and fresh, I loved every flavor! I ended up buying 4 jars because I could decide on which one I wanted. Pistachio was my favorite and I ate it with apples and cinnamon, so good!!"

  • Another Review

    "I absolutely love this macnut butter. Maka is truly the best macadamia butter you can find on this planet. It’s so smooth and creamy, sometimes I drink it straight from the jar! My favorite is to put it on sweet potatoes… I know that sounds weird but it’s literally good on everything."